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Souls Who Leave Us

Souls Who Leave Us

Souls Who Leave Us

Souls Who Leave Us

12 True Stories from the Afterlife

By Marie-Johanne Croteau-Meurois

Stories of souls who left life in tragic and painful circumstances.

Much has been written about death and the Afterlife. There are, however, few books devoted to the souls of those who leave our world in difficult, sudden, or sometimes tragic conditions—a car accident, a disease, a refusal of hope in the existence of another reality, or a murder.

What happens to them? What do they experience, and what can we do to help them? With Souls Who Leave Us, Marie Johanne Croteau-Meurois tackles these questions.

Through twelve true stories, she shares with us her amazing experiences with souls who left life in tragic and painful circumstances.

The result is a poignant testimonial book, rich in information and knowledge, and also a source of immense compassion.

This book also offers thoughts from others on their approaches to death: Jean-Jacques Charbonnier, MD, author-lecturer; Laila Del Monte, animal communicator and writer; Eric Dudoit, MD, author-lecturer; Mark Vallée, author and publisher; Mark Medvesek, MD; Guy Londechamp, MD; Annabelle de Villedieu, medium and shaman; Johanne Razanamahay, author and shaman; Alain Williamson, publisher and author; Marie-Chantal Martineau, publisher and author; Sophie Andrieu, CEO of Women In Action and intuitive channeler; Daniela Muggia, publisher and hospice care practitioner; Annie Lautner, painter and author; Martine Pascalet, publishing assistant; Hélène Giroux, author and hospice care practitioner; Chantal Dejean, therapist and lecturer; and Laurence Guillaumie and Olivier Boiral, both professors and researchers at Université Laval in Quebec.

After studying literature and pharmacy, Marie Johanne Croteau-Meurois, born in Quebec, worked for over a decade in a large university hospital. Hypersensitive from a young age, she has naturally been open to other dimensions of life.

With the subtle realities of the human body, the worlds of the soul, and, in general, the health of the person, harmony plays an essential part in her healing approach. Today, she is mainly dedicated to sharing the richness of her opened heart and her sensitivity that allows her to discover. She is the owner of Productions Intus Solaris and teaches the Essenian and Egyptian therapies, or energy therapy, in several countries. She is coauthor of The Great Book of Essenian & Egyptian Therapies and also author of The Portal of the Elves, already a best seller translated into four languages.