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Daniel Meurois

Daniel Meurois


Daniel Meurois remains one of the most important French writers who has marked the emergence of the New Consciousness for over 30 years.

The multitude of audacious and deep subjects that he addresses in his books, his freedom of thought and his unique writing style allow him to be published with success in many European countries.

Daniel Meurois is indisputably one of the writers who have made an indelible mark on the New Consciousness movement in the last thirty years. Because of the variety of topics he addresses in his books, their boldness and depth, and his freedom of thinking and unique writing style, he has been published successfully in many countries and has been invited to participate in many international conventions.

A pioneering thinker who constantly investigates the spheres of consciousness, Daniel Meurois defines himself as a free mystic, a tireless traveler of the spirit and the paths of the Earth, who is nevertheless well grounded in our world and who works on the reconciliation of the connections unifying humanity and its luminous reality with the cosmos.

Of French origin, and an editor, speaker and teacher, Daniel Meurois lives in Quebec
where he relentlessly pursues his work of writing and testimony.

Books by Daniel available in English from Sacred World's Publishing: